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Bob Carlisle thinks he has found ways to keep their 40-acre farm from switching right into a subdivision.

Bob Carlisle thinks he has found ways to keep their 40-acre farm from switching right into a subdivision.

Farmer finds way that is a-mazing keep farm

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Carlisle’s option would be maybe unorthodox but, provided the charismatic farmer’s penchant for innovation, not impossible. He could be producing what he calls the entire world’s only cornfield puzzle.

“we simply began thinking, `Hey, here’s the way I’ll manage to keep the farm,’ ” Carlisle said. “It’ll be the farm that is only around here just how things are getting.”

All winter was spent by him researching labyrinths and drawing up plans for his puzzle before growing this spring. Now, corn in his 4-acre field is more than 6 feet high and Carlisle Gardens and Corn Maze Co. is almost prepared to open. After the puzzle closes later on this fall, Carlisle will harvest the corn and feed it to his pack goats.

But it’s not the corn itself that Carlisle figures to benefit many from. It is asking $5 for adults and $3 for children willing to try their hand at solving Carlisle’s puzzle which could conserve the farm.

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Carlisle, 39, has worked the land on his American Fork farm for 17 years. For a time, he tried dairy farming, however discovered he had been working 16 hours each day for under 50 cents an hour. Now, he raises alfalfa for cattle feed, but his land is worth even more as being a housing that is potential than as a farm.

To help keep himself from giving directly into designers’ hefty offers, Carlisle began considering things he could do with his farm besides farming. He first thought about charging individuals for the tractor that is”haunted” around the farm at Halloween, however hit upon the puzzle idea.

“I pulled up every thing there is on the Internet,” Carlisle said. “Holy cow, you wouldn’t think exactly how corn that is many you will find on the net. I printed up a huge selection of them.”

Most of the corn mazes are located into the United that is eastern States Carlisle discovered. This past year, Brigham younger University agribusiness graduate Brett Herbst operated a maze that is highly popular United states Fork western of I-15.

This Herbst moved his maze to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi year. Herbst and a cadre of BYU students plan to cut the maze in to the corn in very early and open for business on Aug. 29 august.

Carlisle realized that almost all the corn mazes billed themselves as planet’s largest. He didn’t decide to try for the largest maze – although his 40 acres may have offered him a shot at the record – but to build up a tiny puzzle instead.

Carlisle won’t expose precisely how the puzzle works, but he does say participants must follow certain rules depending on the age. As well as supplying fun, the puzzle will need participants to tell the truth he said with themselves.

“Every age bracket will have fun within the field that is same different rules,” stated Carlisle, who wants the puzzle become challenging but perhaps not t complicated. “I’ve found the easier the concept, the greater enjoyable individuals have.”

Dean Miner, farming agent utilizing the USU Extension Service in Utah County, stated farmers as a whole are seeking methods for getting value from their land without attempting to sell it. A farmer starting a corn maze is similar to a ranch starting itself to town slickers as a ranch that is dude.

In north Utah, one family members recently t k advantageous asset of the l k of a mystical crop circle by recharging people to see it. For Carlisle, the corn puzzle just isn’t just as much about conducting business as preserving a real life-style.

“It is lots of work,” he stated. “My objective is always to try to keep carefully the farm rather than developing it.”

The dedication that once led Carlisle to set a global globe record happens to be keeping him through long times into the industry. As being a teen in 1976, Carlisle rode a “wheelie” on his bicycle from United states Fork to Alpine. During the right time, he claims, the 5.1 miles was a record.

Carlisle’s unique character and ingenuity show in his work. He’s got done almost all the work with the puzzle himself. He doesn’t use chemical fertilizers – only materials that are organic.

He cut 8-f t-wide paths into the corn with a handmade corn mower purchased from a family that is amish. The mower leaves mulch on a lawn that may prepare the cornfield for next year.

Inside the puzzle, Carlisle built two bridges that are huge each is 12 legs high and 70 f t long – which will allow for sophisticated intersections and can make leaving the labyrinth more difficult.

He additionally hired a crane to haul into the dead stump of the huge elm tree that is american. The 12-ton tree stump is gradually being fashioned in to a mammoth ear of corn by Carlisle’s chainsaw.

He is bringing in traditional farm implements to surround the corn puzzle. His green thumb escort sites Milwaukee and ability as being a craftsman have turned the industry into an attraction which he hopes will host parties for large teams.

Rather than using chemical substances, Carlisle fertilizes natural compost to his cornfield. He hopes that may allow him to plant corn within the field that is same and operate his puzzle – for as much as 10 right years.

“To be a organic farmer, you must lay that stuff down religiously each year, and you don’t see results for three or four years,” he stated.

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